With a flash,
a healthy indoor climate is created.
Through a combined effort, infection is kept from spreading.
Pure and simple.

zurface® skaber et sundt indeklima og mindsker smittespredning.



Contamination on surfaces is significantly reduced.
All day long.

Huge impact with only a few minutes of individual effort.
Verified significant improvement of the level of cleanliness on surfaces most exposed to contact.

*From 82% unclean surfaces to only 3% in a public-school class. OPI project, Municipality of Aarhus, March 2016.

also reduces
CO2 and noise.

zurface® helps users create a healthy indoor climate, flashing different light signals:

  1. When it is time to wipe off contact surfaces (e.g. tables and doorknobs) and wash one's hands.
  2. When air circulation is needed.
  3. When the noise level is too loud.
zurface blinker.

is intelligent.
Sets new standards.


  • Human activity inside spaces and buildings.
  • Indoor climate factors (e.g. CO2, TVOC, temperature, and sound).
  • Use of wet wipes.
  • Type of wet wipe (e.g. soap/water, alcohol, or chlorine).
  • Access cards.


  • The need for wiping off contact surfaces and hand hygiene.
  • The need for ventilation.
  • The need to lower the noise level.


  • Daily users of spaces and buildings on how to create a healthy indoor climate.
  • Management to act if indoor climate deteriorates, or infection starts to spread.
Registrerer. Analyserer. Guider.


has chosen

zurface® installeres..

is installed.
Simple setup.

It takes no more than 10 minutes to set up zurface® in a room.

zurface®  is readily activated using the unique QR code on the unit. There is a battery inside the unit, and data is transferred by NB-IoT/LTE. Therefore, there is no need for power or Wi-Fi.

A new digital overview.

The user interface gives an overview of indoor climate factors and facilitates preventive action.

Scan the QR code on the side of the unit, and you will have your indoor climate data, along with information about the type of wet wipes currently used, right by the hand in no time.

zurface® iPad..

Developed and
patented in 2015.

Produced in Denmark.

zurface® is developed in collaboration with users and tested in educational and hospital settings. 

Produced, assembled, and tested in Denmark.

  • Research
  • Conceptual development + mockups
  • Patent
  • Market research
  • Product development
  • Testing product and solution
  • Microbiologically testing the effect
  • Project with the Municipality of Aarhus (VTU)
  • Project report
  • Municipal business case
  • Shortlisted, Danish Design Award – Visionary Concepts
  • Product development
  • Product testing consumables
  • Testing product and solution
  • Funding from the Innovation Fund and Patient@home
  • Project with the University Hospital of Odense
  • Funding process
  • Product development
  • Funding, Vækstfonden
  • Preparation for production
  • Partnership deals
  • Sales, Denmark
  • Developing digital infrastructure (Azure)
  • Scaling production capacity
  • Sales, Denmark
  • International partnerships

Wet wipes collected for recycling.

zurface® marks the wet wipes bags with digital RFID tags, thereby having the overview from manufacturing to recycling.

The zurface® units substitute the numerous disposable plastic tubes that are often used for napkins, thus being the sustainable choice.

Plastic is a valuable material that can be repurposed. Therefore, the wet wipes are collected to be part of the cities' current recycling activities.

Servietter indsamles til genanvendelse.

Increases value.
Reduces costs.

Value is increased by:

  • Keeping spaces and buildings clean throughout the day.
  • Improving indoor climate.
  • Allowing management to act timely and proactively.
  • Hands being washed.

Costs are reduced by:

  • Reducing sick leave.
  • Reducing the need for conventional cleaning.
  • Introducing a brand-new digital overview.
  • Reducing the need for new capital investments.

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